I attended an industry conference in San Diego in June called mLearnCon 2014, Mobile Learning Conference & Expo, put on by the eLearning Guild. One of the presenters showed how they were doing a degree of automated testing of English content for training courseware using XSLT code.

Intrigued, I asked how that went over in their company. His response was, “Not as well as I expected.”

With manual “tests” run by skilled editors costing a lot, I’m always interested in any progress for a higher proportion of “testing” English language content using automated algorithms to report back to human content developers what they need to fix.

I can write XSLT, and know that this method implies that their content was in XML, which upon asking the presenter confirmed it was. Not as many training development organizations use XML as technical writing organizations in my experience.

It has been too long and I no longer remember his name or company.

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