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We had a goal setting session with children of various ages today. We had a whiteboard titled Getting Better Goals for 2015. We gave each child a blank piece of paper and explained that they needed to come up with goals. To help them, we listed areas on the left side of a whiteboard as follows:


  • school / work (ages ranged from 10 to 26)
  • youth programs
  • financial (providing value people pay for)
  • becoming / growth
  • family (parents, siblings, extended family)
  • social (friends, neighbors)
  • service
  • preparedness
  • creation / expression / hobbies

Then we gave some brief information about how to do it. Just enough to get them going. On the right side of the whiteboard, we wrote the following list:

  • Clear image / Visualize it
  • If no limits, I would …
  • Benefits / Why? (for you, for others)
  • Belief (at least a 50/50 chance)
  • Write it (third person, past tense)
  • Time limit
  • Needed?
    • Money
    • People / helpers
    • Knowledge
    • Skills
  • PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Adjust) cycle as the plan of action
  • 80/20 principle
  • How will you know if you’re closer or farther from your goal? (measures)
  • How will you persist when it is hard?
  • What setbacks or obstacles are likely? Mitigation actions?

Most of the list of how to do it came from a summary of Brian Tracy’s audio program on goal setting. Some them got right to it. The younger ones needed help. So we answered questions as they wrote. The oldest asked for explanation of the 80/20 principle, so we briefly summarized Rich Koch’s book. One of them took the book to read it. The younger ones did not appear to follow that conversation. The youth programs occupied the 10-year old boy as he answered questions about what he wants to accomplish in scouts this year. The 13 year old had goals about her musical performance on the trumpet.

The session lasted about 45 minutes. We got them to write some things down. We have follow up sessions planned to help them follow through until they get the pattern internalized. Then I spent some time trying to get a 411 format into Trello. 411 was a system taught by Keller Williams to their agents. It has 4 weeks, 1 month, and 1 year of goals listed on a single sheet of paper. We have typically hand drawn ours, but I wanted to try it on Trello this year. We’ll see how it works out.

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