For a youth group recently, the young men were trying to plan a fun event that would involve the girls too for the next Wednesday. The boys did not seem to want to do the work of planning. Craig and I told them that we are not going to plan this for you or do it for you. We are here to advise you and help you succeed.

The 17-year old asked to lead the group did not want to lead it. He kept trying to laugh it off and at one point actually said, “If I don’t plan it, I can’t fail.” Well, Craig and I could not let that stand without some discussion. So we used that as a point for discussion and led them back to planning the event. We finally got to their plans, and they made assignments to individuals to bring the resources needed for the event.

Craig and I both wondered if they would pull it off or if it would turn out to be a disaster. These are young men from age 12 through age 17. The next Wed evening, we arrived to find them all there on time with all their materials ready for set up of the event in a gymnasium. It went off well and even the young women enjoyed the activity.

Their plans worked out almost as they had drawn it on the chalkboard a week earlier. I was proud of them.

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