We did a goal setting discussion tonight with kids from 7 to 14 yrs of age. Because we know these kids very well, we used examples they know about. For example an upcoming trip.

We used the following points on each of the three examples we used before we lost their attention span.

  1. Decide what you want (end in mind)
  2. Why do you want it?
  3. Time frame or limit?
  4. Identify obstacles
  5. Identify knowledge needed
  6. Identify people whose help is needed
  7. Plan steps to get there
  8. How will you know when you’re done? (adults call this performance measures)
  9. Celebrate

They participated and used the maps to see which states the trip will take us. The younger ones named the states, and the older ones told us the highways to take.

We associated this to goals some of them had set and achieved recently. They goofed around the entire time, so we hope some of it sinks in.

This is the type of thing that has to be repeated in various ways to get across.

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