Some authors make their case with evidence-based advice and sound research. I appreciate it where I can find it. I also submit that personal experience is an additional form of evidence, especially for my own purposes.

Some replies to my posts (from before I moved the blog to here) have asked for citations about me adding my opinions. My life experiences have informed my current way of thinking and it continues to change. I am not in the business of doing studies at this stage of life. I am living life and trying to teach my own kids to do it too.

Those that find a ring of truth in what I say are welcome to use it. Those that think I am way off base, are free to ignore what I say and follow their own opinions. I am open and constantly looking for what works in life, whether it is researched and cited or just off the top of someone’s head.

I often form a hypothesis about a particular leadership idea, test it and let the results I observe inform whether that idea or method goes into my leadership toolbox or not. My results are within my own sphere of influence and are necessarily limited. I have conducted many such ‘experiments’ in the ‘laboratories’ of organizations whether volunteers or paid. I have been in organizational leadership roles for years and have tested much. Leadership is a big subject and has many situational variances, so not all ideas apply in all situations, but as I have searched for truths that transfer across specific situational boundaries and applied the knowledge I have found some things more effective than other things. This is what I hope to share over time. Some of my posts will be less useful than others, I’m sure.

Documenting fully with statistically valid sample data sets is for others to do. The children are growing too quickly for that full process right now. For now, I am time-constrained. So I’m not opposed to the research of others, I just don’t have the time to be as rigorous in my own experiments.

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