Have the child read a classic. Then discuss it with them.

  • What did you find most useful?
  • How can you apply it?
  • Use a Socratic Dialogue

Susan Wise Bauer suggests the following book questions in her 2003 book.

  • What ideas do you disagree with? Why?
  • Is this book an accurate portrayal of life?
  • Did you sympathize with any characters? Which ones and why?
  • What is the author’s take on the human condition?
  • What questions is the author asking?
  • Does the evidence support the link between the questions and the answers?

I add…

  • Who was a leader in the book?
  • What did they do that was good leadership?

Regardless of the questions you use, read a book together and discuss it together. Children love spending time with you up until about age 13. Use that time wisely. Leverage what is already captured in our literature.

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