We built hydroponics towers last year. They work great.

This year, I accidentally killed all the strawberry plants that my spouse bought because I got in a hurry and put the tomato solution in that tower too. The lettuce worked great. The strawberries died.

Recently I built three hydroponics boxes. I bought a 4X8 sheet of plywood and cut it into three 32X48 inch sections. I used 2X6 boards to build the box on these base pieces. Then I used 6 mil plastic to line it before filling it with water. The lettuce and cauliflower is growing well.

The 16 foot long deer fencing made of cattle panels is necessary to keep the 5-10 deer near here from eating all our veg for themselves.

The double buckets with the PVC pipe to the lower reservoir between them are working well too.

I still don’t know how much we’d have to plant to feed our family without buying veg from the store. As to fruits, this sandy soil grows grapefruits and oranges well, but no one grows apples. I did see a blue berry farm in this part of the state, so I’d like to experiment with growing blueberries here.

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