I converted my blog from Hexo to Jekyll because I had used Hexo on a windows box and when I switched to Mac OS I had to redo things anyway. I know Hexo works on Mac too, but it had changed sufficiently that my original blog got too many errors when I moved it to the Mac and so rather than debug I just moved to Jekyll instead because the amount of examples and documentation was strong for Jekyll. So in a couple of hours on day one, going to sleep, and then a few hours on day two, I had the basics working and a theme chosen and working. I was trying to get a tag index working and had put a period (a full stop) in error in four lines of code and it took me a while to figure out that was the issue.

My spouse asked me why I bother with a static site at all? Here are my reasons.

  • I want to own and control my own content, so blogger and similar providers are a possible risk, dependent on the their policy decisions. Since they are free, they can make those decisions.
  • I have tired of the security countermeasures after having a solution that includes a MySQL database compromised by hackers multiple times. A static site doesn’t offer the tempting target to these malicious people.

When asked why I’m spending hours doing this (it took me a few hours with Hexo a while back too), I tried to explain that learning Jekyll is a non-recurring time expense, whereas maintaining the security of a database is a recurring time expense. She uses Weebly for her business and prefers the ease of that platform.

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