Sometimes it helps to have a to do list for seeing visual progress in a writing project. You may have a favorite way of tracking to do items for your book, but if not, consider tracking to dos for your book inside the book draft.

AsciiDoc lets you create to do lists directly in your book draft so you know where your to do list is located. This can be especially helpful if you only write part-time with many hours or days between writing sessions. The to do list also helps you build your book incrementally, little by little, line by line.

Remember to remove or comment out all to do list items before publishing your book. These lists are for the author, not for the reader.


  • ❏ Add images [camera]

  • ❏ Add index entries

  • ❏ Check that all images are sized correctly for the paper size 6x9

  • ❏ Add install instructions for each of the free tools

Work In Progress (WIP) - Research


WIP - Create Content

  • ❏ How? Content

WIP - Testing Functionality & Content Checking (Edits, Style, etc.)

  • ❏ Why? Content


  • ✓ Mindmap Content Structure

  • ✓ Test epub publishing using minimal content

  • ✓ Test conditional publishing for print vs HTML5 using minimal content


Line By Line

Here a Little, There a Little, Layer by Layer.

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