Sometimes you need a PDF file to sent a fixed format document to a printer. This section shows you how.

  1. Open a terminal window.

  2. Type the following command.

    asciidoctor -b docbook -d book -a data-uri! MakeBooksFree.adoc
  3. Check your working directory and see if a file called MakeBooksFree.xml now exists.

  4. Change to the directory that the fopub app is located in.

    cd /Users/klanham/Documents/A/asciidoctor-fopub
  5. Type the fopub app name and the book path and filename.

    ./fopub /Users/klanham/Documents/A/AsciiDoc_Book/MakeBooksFree.xml
  6. Check that MakeBooksFree.pdf now exists.

  7. Review the MakeBooksFree.pdf file for correctness.

Figure 1. The PDF Worked
The folder location makes all the difference for the admonishment graphics to show up.
If you’re using conditional publishing, then in the book file flip the attribute switch to either :printedVersion: and //:epubHTML: or the reverse //:printedVersion: and :epubHTML: or some other code you invent for rendering your content conditionally.

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