What if you could control the entire process of writing your book, production and distribution using free tools? You can. This book shows you how to do that. This book assumes you have a computer and access to the internet.

Sure, you can pay other people to convert your content into an eBook for you, each time you need a conversion. If that’s your plan, you do not need this book. If you’d rather easily do it yourself for free, as many times as you’d like, then this book is for you.

You don’t need to get this book to figure this out. You can figure it out for yourself if you’d like. This book simply helps people learn from what I learned while I figured it out.

Making eBooks is still a process in its infancy as our society transitions from paper publishing to electronic publishing. Nicolas Negroponte discussed the differences between bits and atoms in his 1995 book Being Digital. Twenty one years later, we’re just starting to achieve momentum with digital publishing as more eBooks are sold than paper books. Atoms make up the physical objects in our world such as plastic DVDs, CDs, and paper books. Digital information, like eBooks, are made up of bits, the smallest unit of information on a computer. The tools have advanced for publishing digital or electronic books, sometimes called eBooks.

The process is sure to change as tools continue to improve.

Creating this book was fun. Just making the book made it a successful project for me. I enjoyed making it. Perhaps you will enjoy making your own eBooks and print books this way too.

The journey to discover how and the challenge of getting it right drew me in. After much trial and error, when I finally got it all working I felt like jumping in the air and shouting Eureka!

This book also extends my own memory of how I made and published eBooks and print books. I wrote this book because if life takes me on a different path for too long and I forget how I did it, then this book is my own "how to" instructions to my future self when I need to write and publish again. Potentially other people may see the value of this book too.

One last point. There exist some excellent online tools that I don’t show in this book because I don’t want them to disappear during a project if they run out of startup money and go out of business. The tools I chose to use and explain in this book are downloadable. This lets you have control of your project’s infrastructure. You may want to use those online tools. I’m only showing how to use the ones you can download.


Line By Line

Here a Little, There a Little, Layer by Layer.

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