Okay, now that you have a written draft of your book (using fake text to test rendering), let’s render it to HTML5 because that is the easiest output.

This portion assumes you have already have installed AsciiDoctor as shown in [installAsciiDoctor].

Open the terminal and enter the command below to render to HTML5.

asciidoctor -b html5 MakeBooksFree.adoc

Go to your work folder and look for MakeBooksFree.html, my file’s name. Open that file in an internet browser by dragging the file into the browser or using the browser’s File | Open menus.

Your newly rendered fake chapter should appear as follows.

Figure 1. Rendered to HTML


If you had perhaps been one of those people who thought this method was too hard to use, then now consider that typing one command in the terminal to make HTML is easy not hard. You also had to learn how to use Microsoft Word at one time.


Line By Line

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