It may seem hard to install tools, but it is worth it later in saved time. We’ll start with only the tools to create content. You will need the following apps:

  • Internet Browser

  • Text Editor

Internet Browser

Your computer should come with an internet browser, but if not then install Chrome or Firefox. You will need this to see the HTML versions of your book.

Installing the Atom Text Editor

You can use any text editor you’d like to author your book content. Many people use TextMate on Mac. I’m going to show Atom because it is cross platform.

Installing Atom can go smoothly.

  1. Go to

  2. Look on the page for a download button.

    The button or buttons should be specific to your platform and the download package should be easily installable if you have administrator privileges on your computer.

This section only discusses how to install the authoring tools. To install the publishing tools, I cover that in [publishingTools].


Line By Line

Here a Little, There a Little, Layer by Layer.

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