Thank you to the creator of AsciiDoc, Stuart Rackham, and to the community of AsciiDoc users that are so helpful with their comments and postings.

Also thanks to Dan Allen, the creator of AsciiDoctor, for trying to solve the question, "What if you could write books like you write e-mail?" Dan did a great job making the app and describing it to the world. Dan also focuses his writing and remarks to an audience that is experienced in software development. This book tries to also address the needs of people without a software development background. These gaps were the impetus for this book.

I have found it easier to use AsciiDoctor to render AsciiDoc files into various formats than other options.

And I’d also like to thank Hubert Klein Ikkink, perhaps known better as mrhaki.

AsciiDoctor builds on the creations of Norm Walsh with his DocBook work. Thanks Norm for your XML specification for making books and the XSLT tools to render the XML to PDFs, HTML, and eBooks.

And lastly, to the creators of the Google search engine, without which I’d have to work so much harder.


Line By Line

Here a Little, There a Little, Layer by Layer.

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