This is one of the terrific things about the Lean-Agile process that was surprising. Others in the software domain talked about it, but until you see it happening you don’t realize how significant this is.

Each iteration, every two weeks, our team delivered a working courseware increment of a specific number of LOs for customer inspection and review.

The customer began to see on the second iteration that we had fixed the global comments they had provided as feedback during the first iteration. They saw the courseware interactivity functioning correctly, and they saw the look and feel and media treatments all ready for Pilot.

After 5 or 6 iterations, this development team and the customer stakeholders had a positive relationship built on trust earned by repeatedly listening to demo feedback and making the changes by the next iteration. The teams using the Lean-Agile approach have consistently built customer trust faster than the traditional approach teams with their customers, where more of the unknowns and risks remained until closer to the end of the project duration.

Development team morale was better. Most of the customer interactions were better. The customer was better served and was more willing to recommend our team than a team using the other approach.

When you first read about Lean-Agile, this does not stand out much. When you experience it, you see the significant influence it has in all of the customer interactions. This is one of the key benefits to the Lean-Agile approach in our opinion.


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