Ideally your team is colocated and can use a physical whiteboard. However, for geographically dispersed teams, a physical whiteboard is not ideal for everyone involved to see the team’s progress at anytime. In these situations, a virtual Kanban board can help.

You can find various suppliers of virtual Kanban boards.

By way of example, let’s briefly look at one so you can see that the use of a virtual Kanban board is nearly the same as for a physical Kanban board.

For this example, we’ll use Trello. ( Their online visual project management system can easily be adapted to make Kanban boards.

So what might a version of that team whiteboard look like? Here is part of the Trello version, designed exactly like the physical whiteboard example shown in the previous section.

Figure 1. Trello Version of the Earlier Whiteboard Example

Find a supplier that works for your needs.


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