We have successfully used Lean-Agile with many teams in various sites across the United States of America.

These teams have not all performed their development work at the same time, so each experience with different teams of people has provided opportunities for Kaizen.

One way we run multiple teams all operating at the same time is by having the "lead" for each team join a daily standup for all the leads to identify issues that impacted everyone. In a schedule-oriented organization, this can get overrun by the need for schedule updates instead.

A successful way of updating management for entire projects with multiple courses was to use a presentation slide that graphically depicted the Kanban for the entire project. We had tried to walk them through a project-level virtual Kanban board, but the screen sharing application had a low frame rate and the movements scrolling across the board left and right to answer questions was causing nausea for the most senior leader. So, that application was out the window. Using the known, Power Point, and making one of the slides look like a Kanban was the winning ticket in our environment. The columns were similar, but the cards reflected entire courses without any lower level details. This fast visual picture of where we are now hit the mark of shared understanding.


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