When you have multiple or many teams all using Lean-Agile, it can be challenging to share lessons learned. We caught some of the same issues occurring in different teams, and it became clear that we needed to figure out how to share improvements more broadly.

Of course, at the team level, the team holds their Retrospective meeting, and they gain within the team. However, sometimes the people involved in a project are moving so fast they don’t feel like they have time to review written lessons learned in a repository. Lessons learned repositories are great for the organization’s institutional memory, but getting people to go there to search or even skim turns out to not be an easy challenge to overcome.

So one instructional/LX designer suggested gathering all the instructional/LX designers from all the teams once a month for an unstructured sharing conference call. We were then able to share between instructional/LX designers in different locations and help raise the awareness of key lessons learned with all involved.

The side benefit of a meeting like this is that as relationships begin to form the instructional/LX designers can reach out to validate an idea they have with others that have a similar specialty to their own.

Smaller organizations may not have the problem of scaling continual improvement. Smaller sized organizations are good at sharing as an attribute of smaller teams of people. Colocated teams can do even better because of the social interactions that occur in groups that work in the same location.


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