Anyone but the person who developed the component being tested can be a Content Inspector/Functionality Tester. This is not a hired position, but a role all existing team members take on.

Content Inspectors/Functionality Testers do the following:

  • Pull cards into the test column/process step on the Kanban board and test them.

  • Perform training product verification and validation testing using manual and automated test tools.

  • Update their own work item status cards daily.

  • Document defects on Defect Kanban Cards.

  • Test against planned test cases listed in the Test Checklist for the appropriate type of item.

  • Validate requirements compliance (for example, accessibility, SCORM, xAPI)

  • Test for learner experience.

  • Apply test case checklists.

  • Effectively communicate with the team and management.

  • Playtest through games or simulations or courseware.

  • Recommend new or revised test cases to be included in the test case checklists.


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