Roles in Agile

Roles in Kanban are unchanged from your current roles. It is only when you apply Scrum that formal roles need to change.

Role of the Agile Coach

The Agile Coach helps keep the team focused on delivering work item cards and fulfilling the iteration goals and commitments they have made to the customer.

If your organization uses Team Leads, the Agile Coach assists the Lead in the following ways:

  • Ensures visual management and transparency.

  • Helps with any obstacles between the product owner and the development team.

  • Coaches the product owner on Agile methods.

  • Helps the team decompose work items into similarly sized chunks

  • Facilitates creativity and empowerment in the development team.

  • Coaches the development team to use retrospectives to improve their own team productivity.

  • Coaches the development team to use retrospectives to improve their tool chains and practices and tools.

  • Coaches the development team to ensure each product increment is potentially deliverable, pending reviewer comments.

  • Ensures the team updates the Kanban cards to make the team’s current progress status and total WIP visible to the team and all stakeholders with access to the physical or virtual Kanban board.

  • Shows the Team Lead how to modify the Kanban board as the process needs to change.

  • Implements Agile.

  • Teaches and coaches people on how to perform in the various roles.

  • Helps the team to lead changes in the larger organization.

  • Monitors the team as they remove impediments. Makes suggestions as appropriate to help the team become self sufficient using Agile.

  • Guides the team in the use of Agile.

We don’t use the term Scrum Master, but Agile Coach instead because fewer training people are familiar with Scrum so far.

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