Asking for any organizational process change can be difficult. If you already have the call, then make it. If you have to get higher level approval, then reduce the risks for them.

Ask for the freedom to make a few small, inexpensive mistakes in order to bring a potential innovation to the organization that could pay for itself.

If you get carte blanche, then still only bite off what you can show success for in a brief period of time.

  • Project A: Duration 16 months

  • Project B - Duration 6 weeks

Pick the shorter project to experiment upon. Be sure the contractual terms and conditions allow for it or that you can negotiate new expectations still if contracts are not executed yet.

Manage expectations as low as feasible. Innovation is messy at first. You need some backup to allow you to fend off the existing process antibodies and to make some mistakes and learn what works in your circumstances amongst the Executives.


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