One customer asked that we provide the courseware increment sooner than the review date so that the stakeholders would have time to review it before providing their feedback.

We explained that we have no expectation that the feedback during the review is a homework assignment, and that we really wanted to come as they are and tell us what comes to mind as they inspect our courseware increment. If they need a formal review for the customer’s own processes, then we added a formal review after the iteration review/demo and let the customer stakeholders submit formal change requests (CRs) against that increment within a specific timeframe.

For one customer, it was three days. For another, they needed nine days. So we then needed to explain the impact of taking nine of the ten days of the next iteration to document CRs from the prior iteration would mean that we could not make those changes until the iteration after next. They understood, but needed that time for their stakeholders to review. So, we did it different ways for different customers.


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