For training projects that use a Courseware Design Document (CDD), this lays out the backlog for the project. The courseware gets a Kanban card. Each lesson gets a Kanban card in the backlog. Each learning objective gets a Kanban card in the backlog. We have found that adding the following additional cards for each LO helps monitor the work better.

  • LO X text component

  • LO X media component

  • LO X test item

It can be helpful to think of parent-child relationships in courseware structures. An LO is a child of a lesson. A lesson is a child of a course.

As you complete the child work item components of the LO, then the LO card moves across the Kanban board. As you complete the LOs, the lesson card moves across the board.


Line By Line

Here a Little, There a Little, Layer by Layer.

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