Some organizations have no metrics. Going to that pole does not work well. Some have far too many to provide any focus, and these many metrics become an end unto themselves. Going to that pole does not work well either. Seek a balance by using a workable number of metrics, from the perspective of the individual contributors.

Pick the few metrics that matter to improving your organization for now. This iteration of improvement, if you will. Use those metrics to see if you are getting closer to or farther from your objective. When you met that improvement, like after removing a particular bottleneck, move on to the next improvement and consider what metrics are needed to drive improvement. Importantly, drop the now unneeded metrics. We have seen some organizations keep all the old metrics and have asked people to hit as many as 37 separate metrics.

This is not the crucial few.

Apply the Pareto 80/20 principle to metric selection. Pick the 20% of metrics that will get you 80% of your improvements.


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